About S.A.M.B.A. Presents

A brief introduction

Ok, it's easy. It's very very easy. The Secret Agent Men Booking Agency, aka S.A.M.B.A., has nothing to do with what the name seems to mean. S.A.M.B.A. has nothing to do with some spangleshake-southamerican-dance or the Rio's carnival. Moreover the Booking Agency has got no band rooster, because there is no time to manage and advance bands around, except (perhaps) the ones directly involved with the secret agents.

So what the fuck is S.A.M.B.A.?

Actually S.A.M.B.A. is just a brand used to join musical events under a recognizable name, but not an unique place. Usually the shows are held in venues between Florence and Arezzo: sometimes in a club, sometimes in a squat, sometimes in an house party and sometimes in the countryside! In details, S.A.M.B.A. loves music inspired by blues and r'n'r, specially when it sounds primitive, raw, crunchy, and nasty. Therefore the agents are looking for bands those playing garage, surf, punkrock, soul, powerpop, gospel, country, rhythm & blues and related stuff. From a pratical point of view, the S.A.M.B.A. directly involves itself doing the promotions, dealing with the bands, bringing the equipment if needed, making sound engineer, hosting the bands and taking care of all the aspects for the success of the events. A free-time-sucking and very demanding work. And without earning any money!!! But we love it.

PS. If you are interested helping the S.A.M.B.A. (as a graphic designer, photographer, promoter, or in any other way you'd like), you're wellcome. Keep in mind that all the sweat and efforts will be profused on a voluntary basis. PPS. Unfortunately it's impossibile to manage every possible show: sometimes for lack of time, sometimes because clubs are unavailable or for some other reason independent of S.A.M.B.A.'s will....designer, photographer, promoter, or in any other way you'd like), keep in mind.