Martin Savage Gang (sve)

2020-03-03 / canceled

coronavirus shit.

Martin Savage is Stockholm, Sweden’s garage rock king who grew up to be a splendid rock’n’roller. Since the late nineties he’s played in too many of that country’s garage rock bands to count (just check the discogs page).

Some years ago while mr Savage was inbetween bands he decided to just go and do his own thing. Two friends were brought in to back him up playing all the olde garage rock hits of his youth and it didn’t go all that bad. The GANG was born! Slowly new songs sneaked into the set and recordings were made. 7” records got released and even a 10”.

By now a whole new and very competent three-piece band are the core of the gang featuring members from Shady and the Vamp and Dixie Buzzards. Things are starting to roll in a more rock’n’roll direction but of course with the dirtiness still intact. In the summer of 2019 a fullength was recorded in Toulouse, France’s legendary Swampland studio.

At this very moment in time the Martin Savage Gang is one of Europe’s best rock’n’roll bands. Again, it’s time to rock’n’roll, it’s time to say a-hule-hule!!